Warranty Information

Service Contracts are available on most vehicles that our dealership sells at an additional cost that is financed into the purchase price. We emphasize that these contracts are Not ''Bumper To Bumper'' as you are purchasing a used vehicle. Auto Connection will request before signing & completing the sale, that you thoroughly test drive the vehicle & note any problems that you observe. Once the sale is complete the only items that will be covered are items covered in the below service contract or on the agree upon, Customer Disclosure/Consent Form.
For Example: Not covered are the radio, Cd Player(Changer), brake pads or rotors,power window & locks, wipers, tires, ac freon, struts, and sunroof. These are all items we request you check out during the initial test drive.

Terms and Component Converage
(If an item is NOT specifically listed then the item is not covered;contract prices is non-refundable after deal date)

180 days (6 months) or 9,000 miles
(Deductible $200.00 per occurrence)

1. Engine: Engine block, cylinder heads, and all internally lubricated parts. Valve train, timing chain or belt(only if broken) timing gears, oil pump, harmonic balancer, air filter housing, dipstick & tube. Intake & exhaust manifold(s), manifold bolts(only if broken). Oil pan and valve covers (only if damaged by an internal part).

2. Transmission: Transmission case, pan and all internally lubricated parts. Torque converter & housing and vacuum modulator. Transmission case & pan are covered only if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part. Clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, clutch slave cylinder, worn synchronizers, worn cables, electronic switches & solenoids.

3. Drive Axles: Front or rear drive housings, internal parts, universal joints, axles, drive shafts, ring & pinion gears, CV joints.4WD/AWD: transfer case & all lubricated parts.

4. Seals & Gaskets: Cylinder head gasket(s) & intake manifold gaskets.

5. Suspension: upper & lower ball joints, upper & lower control arms, leaf and coil springs, spindles.

6. Steering: Power steering pump, power cylinder assembly, rack & pinion, and all internally lubricated parts.

7. Cooling: Water pump, radiator, heater core, engine cooling fan motor, fan & fan clutch, coolant recovery retainer and thermostat.

8. Air Conditioning: Compressor, compressor clutch & idler pulley assembly, accumulator receiver dryer, evaporator, condenser.

9. Electrical: Starter motor & solenoid, starter drive, alternator, alternator wiring harness, fuel pump, voltage regulator.

10. Deductible: You are responsible for a ($200.00 deductible) per occurrence

11. Labor: Labor time will be based on the then-current All-Data or Motor's labor Guides and rates shall be within accepted industry standards.

12. Towing: Covered if within 25 miles (one way) of Auto Connection and within normal business operating hours. Any exceptions will warrant a charge added to your deductible.

13. Check engine light coverage for only the first 10 calendar days after purchase.

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